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T.M. Designworks LLC

Central Point, Oregon
Phone: (541) 772-4161
-Distributors, Dealers, and Retail Direct
-Distribution Center & Sales Office

Parts Unlimited

LeMans Corporation
3501 Kennedy Road, PO Box 5222
Janesville, WI 53547-5222
Website: parts-unlimited.com
-Dealer Sales: Dirt Bike & ATV Parts


Beta USA

PO Box 4099
Paso Robles, CA 93447
Website: betausa.com
-Beta Dealer Sales: Beta Dirt Bike Parts

CPD Distribution

5015 US-59 N
Marshall, TX 75670
Website: cpd.direct
-Rieju & SWM Dealer & Retail Direct Sales: Rieju & SWM Dirt Bike Parts

GasGas Technical Accessories

Website: gasgas.com
-GasGas Dealer Sales: GasGas Dirt Bike Rear Chain Guides

Husqvarna Technical Accessories

Website: husqvarna-motorcycles.com
-Husqvarna Dealer Sales: Husqvarna Dirt Bike Rear Chain Guides

KTM PowerParts

Website: ktm.com
-KTM Dealer Sales: KTM Dirt Bike Rear Chain Guides